All 13342 Embroidery designs on one convenient CD-Rom!
Includes Image Finder Color CD Catalog.
$299.00 US  (+ freight) $330.00 CDN  (+ freight)
UPDATE TO OUR 2009 VERSION. Contains all 13342 Designs with over 573 NEW Designs. Also includes our New Image Finder Color Catalog. (With return of 2008 CD Version)
    Older than 2007 Version:               2008 Version and Newer:
$100.00 US
(+ freight)
$100.00 CDN
(+ freight)
$75.00 US
(+ freight)
$75.00 CDN
(+ freight)
CD IMAGE FINDER CATALOG. Entire image library allows you to view, search by Category, Sub-category, alphabetically, keywords, file name and print your own full color catalog.
$10.00 US $10.00 CDN
INDIVIDUAL DESIGNS. select any single designs from the entire library. Instant E-mail delivery.
$10.00 US  (+ freight) $10.00 CDN  (+ freight)
20-DESIGNS PACKS. Mini-Designs Packs of 20 Designs. These specialty packs will be ready to email to you INSTANTLY.
$40.00 US $40.00 CDN