DIGITAPE DESIGNS is renowned for its expertise in the design and production of programs for single and multithread embroidery machines. Our state of the art production facility, latest technology and award-winning artistry assure you a first class product.

EXPERIENCE: For over 22 years, we have been producing designs programs. In today’s highly competitive and expanding embroidery industry, people rely on Digitape’s expertise for problem free programs and advice.

SERVICE: Our reputation for impeccable customer service is the foundation of our long list of satisfied customers.

CREATIVITY: Our design department of over 9 artists can produce or enhance any design request from rough idea to finished art. Our various digitizing techniques are second to none.

PRODUCTION: Our production capacity is unmatched, with 14 digitizing stations, complete editing department and a fully equipped art department.

PRICING: Our “FLAT RATE SIMPLICITY PRICING” will eliminate the overpricing of stitch count based pricing. Our pricing is based on complexity of the design NOT the final stitch count. Immediate quotations are given from your faxed or e-mail artwork.